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  Zhejiang Gute Gas Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in pneumatic conveying system with valve and the dust conveying device such as environmental protection equipment management principal research and development base, company with major research institutions, is a set design, development, manufacturing, marketing in one of the group oriented enterprises.

  Company has strong technical strength, with special attention to science and technology investment and the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, continuous research and development of new products, technological progress to promote the upgrading of products and product quality. The company and the Zhejiang University, jointly developed a series of nano technology to create a series of wear-resistant and toughened ceramic valve, life expectancy than the ordinary valve more than twenty times.

  The company's products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other fields, only the power plant users reached more than 500. Company and the national electric power construction research, Guodian Futong, listed companies, feidahuanbao and long net environmental protection, Zhejiang University and other compound Colonel cooperation with governance of electric power, building materials, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, machinery and other industries, environmental conditions and capacity of a full range of services.

  Companies adhere to the "quality first, customer first" principle, depending on the quality and credibility of the product for the enterprise's life, has been fully implemented ISO9001 quality management system. Companies will continue to improve the design level and manufacturing technology, dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and warm and thoughtful service, welcome to the vast number of users in a variety of ways and our cooperation.

  Quality, it is our permanent topic; service is our eternal pursuit.


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  • 省级新 产品鉴定会召开(一)

      受浙江 省经济和信息化委员会委托,龙游县经济贸易局于2011年10月 29日在龙 游县主持召开了由浙江固特气动机械有限   公司承 担的省级工业新产品项目“旋转圆盘阀”(编号:201001NE0001)鉴定会。鉴定委员会...
  • 省级新 产品鉴定会召开(二)

      受浙江 省经济和信息化委员会委托,龙游县经济贸易局于2011年10月29日在龙 游县主持召开了由浙江固特气动机械有限公司承 担的省级工业新产品项目 “石子煤输送专用阀门”(编号:201001NE0002)鉴定会。鉴定委员会听...
  • 中国电 力报记者访浙江固特气动机械有限公司董事长叶建山

      坐落在被誉为“世界第九大奇迹”的龙游石窟——龙游县 的浙江固特气动机械有限公司,是国内 专业从事气力输送系统的阀门及输灰设备等不保治理设备的主要研发生产基地。经过10余年的发展,固特气 功已成功站稳脚步,...



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